Dry Mounting

Dry Mounting is a process that flattens artwork by sticking it down to a stiff board in a heated vacuum press. The adhesive used is heat activated and dry so no wet glues are used and there is no mess. 

Drymounting is suitable for.......

  • Prints & Posters
  • Matt & Satin Photos
  • Canvasses ( not old masterpieces though)
  • Maps and other folded items¬†
  • Silk scarves , tea towels & fabrics.

Often prints or posters are given to us in a roll. This 'rolled' up artwork will never sit flat inside the frame

The print or poster is placed in the vacuum press, on top of a stiff piece of card that has heat activated adhesive on its surface. The inside of the press heats up to activate the adhesive while a vacuum forms that sucks the print or poster down flat to the board.

After 2 minutes in the press it is ironed flat and ready to be framed.

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