Glass options for framing your picture

The glass on your picture frame is perhaps the most important element as it is the medium through which you view your artwork. Also it is the glass which is protecting your art from dirt, dust and damaging UV light. Here is a list of options so you can make the right choice. Please note: Guide costs are accurate as of November 2019. 

  • Standard Glass, 2mm thick , 3mm & 4mm available for larger pictures
  • Pros – Inexpensive & reliable 
  • Cons – Reflective and no UV protection. Slight green colour cast.
  • Guide cost – 40 x 50cm (20″ x16″)  @ £9.55+vat
  • Non Reflective Glass  2mm thick – Has a matte, lightly etched surface that diffuses and breaks up reflections.
  • Pros – Inexpensive , matte look suits some artwork
  • Cons– can blur image when not right against tha glass. Little UV protection. 
  • Guide Cost – 40x 50cm (20″x16″) @ £20.84+vat 
  • Anti Reflective Glass-  AR70 2mm Coated glass that actually looks ‘invisible’. like it is not there.
  • Pros – improved UV protection (70%) , no reflections or colour cast. 
  • Cons– A bit more expensive.
  • Guide Cost – 40 x 50cm (20″x16″) @ £38.95+vat 
  • Anti Reflective Museum Glass-  AR99 2mm Coated glass with the highest grade of UV protection and it is so clear it looks ‘invisible.’
  • Pros – Top UV protection (99%) , no reflections or colour cast. 
  • Cons– More Expensive.
  • Guide Cost – 40 x 50cm (20″x16″) @ £69.70+vat 
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