Love Potions Mirror


  • 100 x 100cm
  • Gold and silver leaf letters
  • Antique mirror
  • Ornate silver frame
  • Hand Made by us , ‘In House’
  • Can be made to different sizes on request

Our ‘Mrs Kelly’s Love Potions & Snake Oil Mirror’ was inspired by a genuine old Victorian ad. We designed this mirror in-house using hand silvering and antique mirroring processes. The letters are hand gilded using a variety of metal leaves including 22 carat gold, white gold, silver and copper. If we do say so ourselves, we think we have created a real stunner! Our stock size measures 100cm x 100cm but of course we could make it any size for you. It is hard to get a photograph to really do this lovely mirror justice. The words at the bottom read ‘Instantaneous Cure for All Afflictions – Good for Man & Beast.

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